These are the prints available to you for the Help Ed fundraiser. 

We have: Ed & Ghibli, Oliver, Loki, Gatsby, Emma, Sawyer, Trinket, Bella, and lastly Simon & Tempe

Together these Corgi’s (and non Corgi’s) and their parents have kindly donated a print to encourage you to donate to Ed.

Here is a list of what certain dollar amounts get you.

$20 - A print of any of the pups above AND an entry to a raffle to win signed posters by Kazu, and other misc. snowboard goods.

$50 - A print of any of the pups above and an entry to win 1 of 5 brand new Nidecker SNOWBOARDS graciously donated by Curry, Ookii, and Chi-Chan and their parents. You can see Ookii modelling with the snowboards above. (That photo is not available for print)

Now I know that for some people funds are tight and sometimes even 20 dollars is too much to spare. The last thing I want to do is discourage anyone from donating ANY dollar amount. So, any dollar amount donated will be entered to win a Camel Lounge donated by the Cardi & one Pembroke (Simon, Caleb, Tempe and Riley) crew. 

Every donation must be proven so you can either take a screen shot of your email confirmation and email it to or just forward the email itself. Make sure that the donation amount is visible. As well if you could make the subject “Help Ed” that would be great! Make sure to specify which print you want.

To donate, please click the link below.

Help Ed

*EDIT* Frogman has just sent me a photo of Otis to be printed. Feel free to choose this if you’d like a print of Otis!

This is your final chance to get a print and win some fantastic prizes! This opportunity ends Sunday March 31st at 9pm EST. 

Make sure that if you have already donated but have not emailed in your confirmation you do so as soon as possible. After 9pm on the 31st I will no longer be accepting emails.

The following Sunday Megan, Ed and Ghibli will be drawing winners for our fantastic prizes! They will post a video on Two Silly Corgis. Winners will also be contacted by email. 

Good luck to everyone, thank you for donating to Help Ed and spread the word!

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